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In pursuit of a product size precision of 1/1000 mm

We are in pursuit of a product size precision of 1/1000 mm in the following four core technologies including optoelectronics, which is a composite technology of optical, electronic, chemical, and mechanical engineering, thus contributing to improvements in the performance and functions of electronic parts, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flat panel displays.


One of SAN EI GIKEN's core technologies is optoelectronics, which has produced a variety of products, such as photo polymerization equipment, optical processing equipment, and optical peripheral systems. Optical quality and precision are two of the most important factors that determine the performance of our pattern-forming photo processes for PCBs and flat panel displays.
We adopted high-quality light for the first time in the industry 20 years ago, which replaced conventional light commonly used in those days and had a great influence on the photo processing PCBs. Since then, SAN EI GIKEN has been highly evaluated as a manufacturer in pursuit of optical quality with new ideas based on its plentiful records of accomplishment.

Precision Mechatronics

We have been mainly manufacturing two different kinds of products, i.e., PCBs and flat panel displays, for many years, from which we learned that these kinds of products are different from each other in the concept and method of attaining high functions and precision. We have accumulated a variety of solutions with extensive experience in the development of them. SAN EI GIKEN's precision mechatronics technology is based on our consistent design philosophy, i.e., an equipment configuration that is as reasonable as possible according to the law of nature without thinking things too difficult will simplify the control circuit designing of the equipment as well as the mechanical designing of the equipment, thus leading to the performance stability and reliability of the equipment. Precision mechatronics and optoelectronics are not only two of our core technologies but also major features of SAN EI GIKEN.

Image Processing

One of the most important technologies at photo processing stages is image-processing technology that precisely recognizes a large quantity of information from input devices, such as CCD cameras, and processes the information instantly with appropriate devices, such as computers. Mechanical control, no matter how it is precise, is meaningless if information as a prerequisite is inaccurate. For many years, we have been in pursuit of establishing image processing technology as sensitive as and more precise than the human eye. Our consistent development covers components, devices, and equipment, ranging from input blocks to computers and control equipment for information processing. Today, we have completed a unique advanced image processing system that realizes a product size precision close to 1/1000 mm.

Temperature Control

In order to attain a product size precision as high as 1/1000 mm, we must maintain the interior temperature of our production equipment constant and apply heat evenly to processing products so that raw materials will adhere to the processing products uniformly. Temperature control plays very important roles to various parts of the production equipment. SAN EI GIKEN has experienced many mattes concerning the cooling and heating temperature control of a variety of materials during its development of installations for various types of equipment since its foundation. Based on the experience, SAN EI GIKEN has established and put unique advanced temperature control technology into practical use.

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