San-Ei Giken Inc.
San-Ei Giken Inc.
1-3-30, Kinrakuji-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo, 660-0806 Japan

Delivering state-of-the-art core technology
to the world

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Pursuing precision within 0.1㎛

We continue our pursuit of precision approaching 0.1㎛ based on San-Ei Giken’s four core technologies including optoelectronics that is a composite technology encompassing optics, electronics, chemicals and mechanical engineering, and contribute to high functionality and high performance of electronics parts and products including printed wiring boards and flat panel displays.

composite technologies developed by sgk


Under the design development-based system,
We aim to develop products recognized around the world.

  • Self-development
    Based on self-development under a design development-based system, we have released proprietary products that feature originality.
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  • Organization
    We engage in business from a base of a simplified organization so that all employees can realize their potential and commit themselves to development.
  • Concept
    As we develop new products, we value the basic concepts that will be widely adopted in the future.
  • Development
    We meet market needs by creating proprietary products based on our own technology, not an “imitation” of existing technology.
  • Design
    We can reliably design and manufacture products that satisfy users.
  • Manufacture
    We engage multiple outsourced manufacturers and have established close relationships with each manufacturer to maintain an assured technical level.
  • Quality control
    So that our products can be used stably for a long time by our customers, we have established strict check items according to various specifications.