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Contact exposure system/Hap5025FX2

Automatic double-sided exposure system for FPC/TSC

Vertical exposure adopted for the Roll-to-Roll fully automatic double-sided exposure system to realize high-accuracy alignment with low tension.

  • Automatic double-sided exposure system for FPC/TSC

Functions ・ Features

Solves the problem of Roll-to-Roll exposure system
■ High productivity by proprietary transport system (Takt time: 6.0 sec + exposure time)
■ Enables simultaneous production of different types with proprietary transport system
■ Available for production of many types in various alignment modes.
■ High alignment accuracy of front and back surfaces by double-sided simultaneous alignment and exposure
■ High alignment accuracy by optimal tension control for R-R
■ Enables use of glass mask and film mask
■ Reduces running cost by our proprietary system design (energy saving)
■ Maintenance-free